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Google Webmaster Conference Mountain View


Google is hosting a product summit version of the Webmaster Conference in Mountain View, California in early November.

This event is designed to facilitate an open dialog between the webmaster and SEO community and Search product teams. This one-day event will include talks from Search product managers, Q&A sessions, and a product fair giving attendees the opportunity to have direct conversations with product managers.

Attendees will learn from the people building Search about how they think about the evolution of the platform, and have the opportunity to share feedback about the needs of the community.

We also realize that not everyone will be able to make this event in person, so we plan to share out much of the content and feedback from the community.

Learn more here.


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Место проведения

Google Building GWC2
1501 Salado Dr
Mountain View, Соединенные штаты
+ Карта Google